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Actor/Actress Makeup for A Scene

Your debut scene performance will be one of the biggest events of your acting or singing career, especially if you are an up-and-coming actor/actress/rapper. Since your scene footage and photos will be viewed by casting directors and movie houses for years to come, we’ll make sure your character looks his/her best for the camera. After we finish applying the Theatrical Makeup on your character, you’ll be ready to turn heads and have all eyes on you and your character.

No matter how big or small your acting occasion is, we’ll be ready to serve you on location anywhere in or near Corona. We only use high quality products and techniques. You’re probably going to have performance day jitters. That’s why we’ll do our part to lighten your load and make sure you enjoy being pampered.
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Special Performance

If you have an upcoming special performance that calls for something more than an “average appearance and performance”, I’ll be ready to help you create a breadth-taking character with the utmost charisma and pristine, whether it is an acting debut or a rap performance, or something else, we can help you capture the best appearance to captivate your audience. You don’t have to settle for a mediocre appearance or costume.

I can meet you anywhere in or near Corona to work my magic on you. I only use high quality products and techniques. Whether it’s just you or a small group, I’ll have everyone ready to turn heads and look really good for the camera.
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